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To catch up on the last month:

Theatre (SM): I’m starting my first ever Stage Management job by trying to negotiate a rehearsal schedule that satisfies the company, director and actors. While challenging, it’s nothing I haven’t done before. I’ve never been a stage manager, but I’ve been a director with no SM several times, which is pretty much the job, except I don’t have to come up with blocking or understand the point of the play (like that ever stopped me as a director).

Theatre (Design): I designed the set, sound and lights for the local community theatre show, which opened last week. It turns out I knew more about lights than I thought. At least enough to light a small space with 14 instruments and 8 temperamental dimmers. I’m pleased with the set design – it’s Blithe Spirit, so the haunting has some fun tricks built into the set. I really wanted a flying vase, but I couldn’t find fishline in time.

Theatre (Playwrighting): I need to get off my ass. Srsly. That, or stop calling myself a writer.

Other (Birthday): It was Laura’s birthday earlier this month – Yay! We went of to the Cities for some fun excursions, including Magic Quest at the Mall of America. Stop laughing. Shut up! Also, we saw Avatar for the third time, this time in 3D. I will disagree with the general populace and say the 3D diminishes the experience. We also checked out an oxygen bar, which we both suspect was kind of snake-oil, but now we can say we’ve done it, and the massage chairs, with or without the oxygen, were AWESOME.

Other (L for Loser): Had my second weigh-in today for the Biggest Loser contest. I suck. I think I was on a pretty good curve, but starting with Laura’s birthday, I just started eating too much. I lost 2 fricking pounds since last month, which is lame lame LAME! I will do better FTW next month at the final.

Coming up: Sunday we strike Blithe Spirit and a few days later, the director and cast will be here for the big production at the Commonweal and we’ll go full-tilt. Kind of exciting. I was involved last year, but only as sound designer, so I don’t think I really appreciated the excitement of starting up the season.

ALSO! The company has a side gig doing a play reading at Harvard. I was able to get myself involved in the project (another SM job) so I could see my brother who works there. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen him, but I think it’s been like five years. Too long!


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