standp (standp) wrote,

Overdue Update

Hey, I did a set design by remote for my friends at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. I love them so much it borders on inappropriate. Well, there’s no bordering, it’s completely inappropriate. But  my set got a favorable mention in the reviews! And of course by “My Set,” I mean the scribbles I scanned and emailed that were then labored over by Chip and Mike. And they did labor. I drew things floating in the air and left it to them to figure out how to make that shit work. And they did! Yay!

In other news, we opened our Ibsen show and Ibsen festival. My first stage managing job. It was a challenge to expand my skill set to include multi-tasking and attention to detail. A challenge at which I utterly failed, except that the set is bright and shiny, so it keeps my attention.

I’m going to do a voice-over tomorrow. Haven’t had one of those gigs in a while. I may just update my demo and send it to my old agent. I used to be the voice of the Star Tribune back in the day, you know. Back when there was still print media.

By the way, I didn’t win the local Biggest Loser contest – I missed the last two weeks of working out due to the aforementioned stage-managing (with sound design chaser) but it’s all good. I lost about 14 pounds and still have time to lose more before I go streaking across the stage. Stay tuned!

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