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Theatre, Health and Soup

We open Enchanted April tonight, so I’m taking it easy for the most part, though I plan on working out later. I slept in, ate cereal because it’s awesome, and read a short story by my friend Scott. I seldom read, but I want to write. This was a good reminder that I should read more. It’s an excellent short story and immediately inspired me to write. I remember feeling constantly inspired when I read a book two years ago (or was it three?). I must reverse my lameness and read more.

The fact that tonight we officially begin the show for which I lost weight (as I run onstage wearing only a towel) makes me very mindful that I’m not quite where I wanted to be with the weight loss. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come, but I could still stand to lose 10-15 pounds more and I’m at a very stubborn plateau. Since I work out and/or run every day, the only thing I can change now is my diet. To change my diet, I REALLY have to ask myself if it’s worth it, or if I’m happy where I am. Did I mention cereal is really awesome? So is pizza.

Actually, except for the occasional pizza, I eat extremely healthy food, thanks almost entirely to Laura, who creates AMAZING food, due to her blend of studied knowledge about health, devotion to local and organic foods, and some exquisite kitchen alchemy I don’t quite understand. I had some of her homemade soup today, which she feels is one of her weaker efforts, and it was incredible. All of her food is astonishing and very healthy. But because it’s so good, I usually can’t stop eating it.

I guess I like to eat standard American portions, which I believe are three times larger than those of other industrialized nations. Maybe four.

So there is my challenge. Smaller portions.



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