standp (standp) wrote,

With the Running

So I’ve been running. I run on the state bike trail that heads northeast out of town toward the next town, Whalen. There’s a beautiful bridge where two river branches converge, which I understand is two miles out. I’ve used that known distance and my running time at the last two 5Ks I ran to estimate other distances on the trail.

As I’ve started to push myself to run farther, I found a landmark that indicates three miles on the trail (6 miles there and back) and I’ve been trying to edge myself past that as time and energy allow. Yesterday I went what I’m guessing is about 3.5 miles out, or 7 miles round trip. It took me about an hour and twenty minutes and I’ve been running roughly ten minutes per mile. Looking at a satellite map of the trail and trying to go by landmarks and terrain as I remember them, it looks about right, compared to the known landmarks.

I had been thinking of pushing on toward Whalen, because I couldn’t tell how close I might be (and I didn’t have a clock with me – I had the check my times after I returned). I’m glad I didn’t, as it looks like I was still at least a mile out, 2 miles round trip, and I didn’t take water with me (though I suppose could have gotten some in Whalen).

Next time I go out, I’ll run to this same landmark and keep hydrated. This last time I did have to walk about 30 feet on my way back to collect myself. Uncool.

After that, probably within the next week, I’m going to Whalen and back – 9 miles. Woo hoo!



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