standp (standp) wrote,

Suddenly Sound Design

 I'm playing Seymour in our production of Little Shop of Horrors, and I've REALLY been enjoying rehearsals. I love the music almost as much as I love pizza. As a frame of reference, I CANNOT stand listening to soundtracks from musicals - I hate hate hate them. The only two exceptions are Little Shop and Man of La Mancha. (JC Superstar is a Rock Opera, or I'd count that).

Speaking of music, though canned music is not optimal (and can be risky) I've enjoyed putting the tracks together as sound designer way more than I thought I would. We have a great musical director, who's been doing a huge amount of music notation (which I can convert to midi, then WAV files) and I have the most bitchin sound mixing program that keeps getting better every time I use it. I'm completely geeked out on how far user-friendly technology has come since my analog tape days back in college.

I also got to put together a nice "Meet the Apprentices" vid for the company. Check out our new peeps...

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